About The Hub

About the Hub

What is the Hub?

The Document Automation Hub was created by DocGovern, a consultancy company specialising in Document Automation. The Hub was formed with a clear objective. Above all else we want to demonstrate and educate towards the power of Document Automation and how it can help anyone looking to make their organisation more productive.

It does this by providing a central area that brings together articles, resources and news that will inform, educate, and enable anyone looking to leverage Document Automation. That’s why we call it the Hub. It was almost named, “The Document Automation Knowledge Hub” but we quickly got tired of typing such a long title.

The Value of Document Automation

Document Automation is not new technology! The Legal and Financial sectors have used it extensively for decades. As a result of this early adoption, now almost any business or organisation can benefit from the solution. From sole practitioners to global enterprises. From not-for-profit through to public bodies. All can leverage and benefit from Document Automation.

A good Document Automation solution helps in six basic ways:

  1. Productivity
  2. Risk reduction
  3. Scalability
  4. Compliance
  5. Consistent Presentation
  6. Collaboration

One of the most compelling but underutilised aspects of Document Automation is how a good solution can act as a central Hub (there’s that word again) for your other Digital Transformation tools and solutions. The blood of an organisation is its data and good data can enable an organisation to grow and prosper while bad data can kill it stone dead. Therefore, used correctly, Document Automation lets data flow throughout an organisation, pulling and pushing the good data, while removing redundancy and errors – removing the bad.

What topics does the Hub Cover?

Our intention is to demonstrate this by highlighting the complimentary technologies that can make a good use of Document Automation great. We’ll look at everything from e-signatures through to document management, eDiscovery and anything in between that we feel helps.

Certainly, with over 250 Document Automation solutions available on the market, you can almost guarantee that there’s a platform providing you with the right balance of technical, functional, and commercial elements. However, the real task is understanding what you need, where to find it and then how to use it. That’s where The Hub can help.

Lets Go!

Document Automation is one of the most impactful and productive tools an organisation can leverage when considering Digital Transformation. Understanding your options and the “art of the possible” is a great first step on your journey or a helpful signpost to stop and take stock of the direction you’re going in.

The DocGovern Team love Document Automation and we’re confident that you will too.