European Commission Publishes Artificial Intelligence Regulation Proposal

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fast evolving family of technologies that can bring a wide array of economic and societal benefits across the entire spectrum of industries and social activities.

Released by the European Commission (EC), this document proposes new rules and actions aiming to turn Europe into the global hub for trustworthy AI.

The combination of the first-ever legal framework on AI and a new Coordinated Plan with Member States, will guarantee the safety and fundamental rights of people and businesses, while strengthening AI uptake, investment and innovation, across the EU.

The Healthcare sector in particular has experienced an incredible amount of attention in the AI space, and the value proposition of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is undoubtedly extensive.

Regulators and innovators may not exactly know yet how this proposal will impact Healthcare in real terms, however, it will likely create some sort of precedent and framework moving forward, depending on how well it is received in the coming months.

AI is increasingly being seen as the ‘next big thing’ in Document Automation. They both can significantly improve the way businesses create, manage and process documents across an organisation. It’s interesting to see the controls some regulatory bodies are now considering towards the use of this technology, which is only set to grow.

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