Hero Maker – How Document Automation Can Help You

The Concept

Developed by DocGovern, our ‘Hero Maker’ tool was created to make you, the hero of your company.

Now, I realise that sounds a bit whimsical and even ambitious, but, let me explain.

The concept of this tool started as more and more of our Clients were telling us they ‘got’ how Document Automation could help them. Often however, getting the rest of the company to see this, in some cases, was challenging.

We decided it would be useful to create a document which outlined how Document Automation could help a company of any size, within any department, across any industry sector, improve productivity and profitability.

We then took that concept a step further, and decided this document could be produced by you, using a simple, easy to use, Document Automation platform.

The Approach

You will answer four simple questions using a form embedded on our website; much like the typical form you would find across millions of other sites. To give this form its proper title – this is known as an “interview”. *

Once you answer these questions, the magic happens…

A document is created specifically for you, by a powerful, yet simple to use, Document Automation engine, that sits behind the scenes.

*Interviews can be simple, like ours, with only a few questions. Alternatively, they can be complex, with dozens, if not hundreds of conditional logic, formulas, and statements to craft a unique document. One interview can create either a single, or series of documents.

The Result

You have your very own document, showing exactly how Document Automation can help your company, in your specific industry sector, and within your chosen department(s).

A tailor-made business case you can take to your Senior Management Team, your Team Manager, Team or Peers, which outlines exactly how and why Document Automation can help improve productivity and profitability.

Try It

Create your own document today using our simple, yet effective demonstration.

It’s a great way to try the tool and see how easy it is to use; at the same time, learning how a Document Automation solution can help you.

You can make a difference.

Enable your organisation to be the best and create significant value across your company using Document Automation.

Be Your Company’s Hero!