Evaluating Document Automation & Document Generation

One of the most challenging aspects of evaluating Document Automation or Generation solutions is knowing where to begin. The very fact we’ve just used the terms “generation” and “automation” as two separate types, is cause for pause in itself.

As a result of this challenge Dave Thielen, CEO at Windward Studios, authored a practical guide to help demystify and clarify the options available.

Windward Studio’s guide focusses on the element that impact users the most- template creation. As a result of this approach, you’re presented with considerations and options that will form your day to day use of a solution.

The Evaluation

The article and accompanying White Paper firstly looks at just what the difference is between Document Automation and Document Generation. It then takes the reader through thought provoking questions:

  • What functionality is important to you? More so, what is critical?
  • Who is using the tool? Will they be able to work with code?
  • How will you utilise your data within the solution?
  • What output formats do you need?

The evaluation pulls these questions together with suggestions towards common scenarios. What’s particularly interesting is the ability to drill down into the contents. While a particular subject will start at a high level, it frequently provides further depth. This allows both those technically and not so technically minded to really understand each point. Evaluating Document Automation just got a little easier!


After taking the reader through these considerations the guide goes one step further by providing a short list of example solutions. These solutions again fall into the two sets that were initially identified- Document Automation and Document Generation.

As the introduction states, no one product is best for all use cases. It’s therefore particularly valuable and reassuring to see that even with so many directions and decisions, there are still many solutions out there for further scrutiny and consideration. The trick is finding the one that’s best for you.

You can find the full article and guide here.

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Dave Thielen, CEO Windward Studios
Dave Thielen – CEO, Windward Studios

Dave Thielen is the CEO at Windward Studios and the author of “A Guide to Evaluating Document Automation & Document Generation Products”

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